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Fishing Reports

7/5/14 - The Minear family with a nice catch of those tasty scallops!

7/4/14 - Happy 4th of July! The Hampton party celebrated the 4th in scalloping style. Here's Nick bringing scallops aboard!

6/28/14 - Mikal, Emmie and Danielle getting scallops. First weekend of Scalloping was awesome.

Had Jerry on the boat today for some Redfishing.
It took a while but we found a school and sight casted for a couple of hours, here is a perfect 27"er! Cut bait was the ticket.

Another fine Red!!

A nice 28" Red!!

The macs are starting to show up! Black drum and some sheephead on the rock piles.

Andrew with a nice 24" spotted Sea trout caught on a top water plug!

Sheephead, trout, mackeral and grunts, with some catch and release gag grouper on the shallow water rocks!

No water today so we took out the canoes.

The Lewis family checking out the Manatees at Blue Water Springs.

Sorry for not updating the Fishing Reports as much...AWESOME Scalloping season has kept me busy! Thanks to everyone who came aboard...One week left, there easy picking!!! Check me out on facebook for more pictures and reports.Click here to go to my facebook page.

Brandon Drake with another nice red!

I got to fish with 4 generations of the Williamson family, what a great time for all especially when 5 year old Brady decided to jump in on a school of Redfish!!

 Had the pleasure to go Redfishing with Mike Sibler today. Here's Mike with another nice fish.

Had some Massachusetts snow bird's in town for a half day trip up the Homosassa River to see the Manatee's and get some sun, and boy we did! Here are some great picture's.
I had the pleasure of fishing with Dr. Phil of the Eastern States Veterinary Association. Myself and 10 other area guides took out 23 Vets from across America for a day of fishing and a shore lunch. It started out cold and no water (whats new). But we made the best of it. Dr. Phil and I went to some offshore rocks and caught a variety of fish, Grouper (catch and release) Grunts, Trout , Mackerall, Sheephead and Seabass! Then we headed to a private island for a awesome shore lunch prepared by all the guides. Special Thanks Capt. Charlie Harris.
Hope everyone from the Eastern Vets Association had a great day. Look forward to seeing you all next year!
 I had a half day charter with Bill Russell fishing the rock piles south of Chaz point. We caught 14 trout (18to24") sea bass, hog snapper,small grouper,and some huge keywest grunts! What a Blast!
 12/26/12     Stevens Family X-mas fishing trip;
 We left Riverhaven marina right after a cold front passed and boy was it windy (30mph gusts). So we headed up river and tried to make the best of it. They sure did, catching gray snappers none stop for 3 hours! 6 year old Jack out fished us all catching 23 fish! AWESOME JOB JACK! Click here to watch Jack's technique.
Awesome day of scalloping with Ron and Laura. Had our limit in no time at all. Click here to see a great video of Laura showing us how it's done!
Had Clint, Audriana and G.V. on the boat for a half day Scallop/Fishing trip.They found some scallops then we went offshore for some rock pile fishing. Trout, Seabass, Bluefish, Gray snapper and Macs made for a busy time. Clint caught a Red on the way home. The clouds started building so we called it a day.
I had the pleasure of guiding Linda and Bob on a full day of scalloping and Redfishing. It started raining when we left Riverhaven Marina but just like that it stopped and a beautiful double rainbow appeared! They had a great time getting scallops. We then went to the freezer for some shrimp lunch. After lunch we went on the hunt for some Ozello Redfish,two stops latter Linda hooked up with this nice Red! Look forward to fishing with you again!
Had The Noche Family on the boat for a scallop trip. They had their limit and a whole bunch of fun. Then we had to play beat the rain on the way back to Riverhaven Marina!
We went on a half day Scallop/Redfishing trip with Carl Lewis and son Ron. We had our 4 gallons in no time! Then we Had to go hunting for the Redfish ( no water). But we made the best of it with a few nice trout and  3 middle slot Reds.
Went  out to check on the scallops, they seem to be everywhere should be a great year!
Tarpon fishing off of Bayport With Randy O'toole two hook ups, two spit hooks. Thats poon fishing!
Went out with Athena and her Dad for some early evening Redfish. Out going tide, Athena's first cast with a shrimp and a popping cork instant up hook, her first Homosassa Redfish! We continued to reel em in.
My brother Brad and his girlfriend Kelly where in town to visit from Panama. We did some redfishing and then went to the Tarpon Key Lodge had a few cold ones and watched the sunset into St. Martins Keys Awesome! Check out his Hotel in Panama. He can hook you up!
Took the Caster party out for some redfish & trout . We saw some poons and changed our plans. Scotty hooked up with an 80 pounder or so for 45 minutes  but the fish broke off. Next up Tim, live mullet for bait on a circle hook was the ticket . He was rewarded with a monster Silverking!           
Left Riverhaven Marina 5:30 am with Dan Hendry in search of the Silverking. Fishing around Chaz Point we where finally rewarded with 3 hook-ups ,one to the boat! Great job Dan and thanks for the good time.
The McCoy party had beutiful weather and some awesome
Cobia fishing! We where fishing Citrus County artificial reef #1.
Live bait and shrimp from Blue Water Bait& Tackle did the trick.
Danielle and Vern came over from the concrete jungle I.E. Orlando for a eco trip down the big river to the gulf. We saw  lots of birds, dolphins, mullet, small snook and some extra large rays. We stopped at The Tarpon Key Lodge and saw some wildlife and a beautiful view of the gulf of Mexico. Before ending our relaxing adventure on the Homosassa River we had to go say 'Hello' to the Monkey's on Monkey Island.
I fished with the Bassing family from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. We went offshore and caught a Smörgåsbord of fish, sharks, trout, seabass and remora's. We had 8 nice cobia's swimming around the boat threw everything in the tackle box at them but they were  not interested. Courtney held her first shark! Hope you enjoyed your day of fishing in Florida.
Took out the Stevenson party for a half day charter. Out going tide NW wind blowin 15 made it tough. 1 red ,sharks, mackerel and numerous small trout. Nice shrimp from Bill at Blue Water Bait and Tackle. We made the best of it and had a nice morning.
The Dixon party and I left the dock at Riverhaven Marina at dark thirty in search of The Silverking. We saw 5 fish, made a few casts but no takers, but things should only get better. We then went inside and found a few nice middle slot reds. Thanks for the good time.
Went out on a 1/2 trip for Reds and Trout with the Richerson party. Tide was running out and the wind was blowing out, no water but plenty of small Reds to keep us busy and numerous Mackerel. We were fishing cut bait and gold spoons, Lots of Fun!
Took the Dawson party out for some Mackerel action and it was non stop, they filled the Yeti. We were fishing D.O.A.'s and they were the ticket and a bonus 24" Trout made the half day trip awesome.
Legendary local Rod-Builder Richard (Spat) Spatafora (352)238-2746 poses with a nice "Red"
he boated on a recent trip with Captain Rick.
I guided the Thomas party 17 miles out to troll for some catch and release Grouper action. We trolled some Rapala's and Bomber-A's. they caught 2 27's and one 30 and a bunch of small ones. All released to be caught another day! Then we went inshore to fish the St. Martin's Key area and fished D.O.A.'s for Trouts/Reds on an incoming tides. Lots of small fish and a few keepers. Thanks for the nice day.
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